You can be your best : A self help book

This book offers distilled information on how to deal with common mental health issues for example mild to moderate depression, panic attacks and anxiety. More than that it is also a workbook where you can register your achievements, write your affirmation or put your goals in writing.
It is based on my experience as a mental health practitioner that spans over two decades and the tools I suggested to my clients. It’s never just the one thing but always a number of things that are all connected for one to attain good mental health.
It’s easy to read because I avoided theories, statistics or jargons that can make reading self -help books laborious. Sometimes folks just want to know what to do and how to do it.

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Dr Radiah Salim (President, Club HEAL)

“You can be your best” is a wonderful slim volume (113 pages…)”

Based on her experience, not only as a mental health professional but also from her personal challenges as wife and mother who has lived in several countries, Ms Jamaludin has put together valuable pointers on how a person can cope with these challenges.

She has shared many tools and techniques such as goal-setting, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), getting a good night’s sleep and thought stopping in very simple language that the layman can understand – and this increases the value of this self-help book.

“…. useful not only for the general public but also people with mental health challenges, their caregivers and mental health professionals. ….. – it felt like Ms Heryani was talking to me directly.”

The positive tone throughout the book, along with its practical, easy-to-follow recipes for success in overcoming mental health challenges convinces me that it is a must-read for all adult readers.

“This is a book that I will revisit many times ……. there is much that I can draw references from.”

‘You can be your best’ gets a five-star rating from me.

Malaysian Mental Health Association

“ Practical tools and techniques” …. “ Easy to read”


Simplicity is the Key!

Super simple and easy to read! The techniques she teaches can be implemented in your daily life straight away. I’ve taken a number of tools that work for me and have used them with tangible results :). Thank you for this book and I hope it can help others on the road to recovery!

Recover Now – Your personal mental health blueprint

This is a 15 page downloadable document to help you with your recovery from a mental challenge .  Whether it’s your first episode , an enduring mental health condition this book helps you build your resilience, prepares for you for ahospital admission and discharge.

There is also a section on goal setting to help you focus and achieve your objectives in life. Use it on your own , with a relative or a health care professional. This valuable book may even be a life saver.  Purchase NOW and it is yours.