My top ten tips to recover from mild to moderate depression

1. Process the event that is causing your depression. Talk it over. By process I mean “look” at it from a different angle or another person’s perspective, put the event  into context, forgive others (and yourself)  look for evidence that supports that negative thought. Just because you believe it does not make it true.  Once processed put this thing in a filing cabinet, lock it up and throw away the key and move on.

2.  Plan your day the first thing you wake up.  Decide what you want to do

3.  Remain active and that includes exercising –  Walk , dance , swim  etc

4. Eat small healthy meals throughout the day. Be careful not to comfort eat

5. Drink water. Take small sips throughout the day

6. If you’re not working, stick to a routine. Go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time everyday. Use an alarm clock.

7. Pick up a new hobby eg learn a new language , learn to cook a new dish

8. Write your own affirmation and stick it everywhere in the house

9. Keep a journal and write 50 things to be grateful for.

10. Practice mindfulness. Be in the here and now. You can’t change the past or control the future.

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